How To Get The Bloodiest Blood Red Lips

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I’m all about a bold lip. Bright colors, dark colors, any and all colors as long as they are bold, vivid and intense. One of my go-to’s for dramatic day or night lip wear is a blood red lip. Maybe it’s because I like vampire movies, maybe it’s because I like red wine, maybe I’m just a creep, but I find this to be one of the more interesting shades of red.

Red is a statement-making color that can be adjusted to achieve pretty much any look. Sophisticated, punk, goth, sloppy, chic, casual, you can use reds alone or in combination to get your desired aesthetic in check. Right now, I’m shooting for the bloodiest blood red lips I can get. This looks adds drama and dimension to whatever you have going on, so give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

For this look you need two lipsticks/stains/colors/tints/what have you. You will need one very dark, blue-based red, and one bright, true red. I’ve chosen Nars Amsterdam and OCC Lip Tar NSFW for this post, but two other colors that are also great for this are Revlon Black Cherry and Cover Girl Liperfection in Hot. Revlon Black Cherry is one of those super-amazing staple reds that you can layer up to make it an almost black red, or keep it lighter so that your lips look like they were stained by cherries. It’s a perfect dark red for the bloodiest blood red lips.

And I’m a tease, so read the rest on Feminspire! 


DIY Beauty: Brown Sugar Body Scrubs, Babies!

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DIY Beauty: Brown Sugar Body Scrubs, Babies!

I started writing news, editorial and beauty for Feminspire, and this is my first beauty piece. It’s a DIY brown sugar scrub using only three ingredients. Check it out!

Sequin Manicures Remind Me Of The Hoarder Goblin Lady From Labyrinth.

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Have you ever seen Labyrinth? If you have, then you probably remember the little hoarder goblin lady that gives Sarah her lipstick and keeps her distracted with all the pretty pretties. If you haven’t, you should go watch it. Use your internet and find a way, my child! FIND A WAY! In the movie, while out journeying around on her adventures and shit, the protagonist Sarah (beautiful name, I bet she’s awesome! [that’s my name.]) comes across this hoarder goblin out in the wild. The hoarder goblin lady is razz to the max. Sure, she’s cunning, manipulative, beguiling and trying to trick Sarah into staying distracted and eating rotten, worm-filled fruit so that the Garreth the Goblin King (David Freaking Bowie!) can kidnap her infant brother and turn him into a goblin king heir to the goblin throne, but she also is the keeper of All The Pretty Things. AND THAT IS SO RAD! Yeah, she’s a dick and she lives in trash by choice, but she also has snow globes, music boxes, lipsticks and a shit ton of sparkle. Allll the sparkles!

My hero!

So naturally I was stoked to discover the Ciat Sequin Manicure! On the one hand, they’re sparkly and unexpected. They have a raised texture that’s fun to flip with your thumb or run your fingers across. But really, they’re just your everyday glitter that you could find anywhere and you drag your finger through it, call it ‘sequins’ and have a great time. The texture is one of the best parts. The final coat of glue makes everything extra shiny and this nail kit leaves you with a lot of sheen. Tiny discoball nails!

The manicure reminded me of the hoarder goblin from Labyrinth because buried within this everyday item that you wouldn’t typically think twice about (glitter) there is a new texture, feel and ideation given to glittery nails, and I dig that. The kit is basically a tiny black brush, some sequin glue in a nail polish bottle, and a little tub of sequins. You can go bare or use a base coat, and a base coat is rad because if there’s a hole in your sequin patina, the base coat shows through underneath and makes for some cool color and texture juxtaposition. You put on a layer of glue, let it dry, put on another layer, shove your finger in the pot of glitter masquerading as sequins, press the shinies onto your fingernail and then slather on another layer of glue. It takes 15-20 minutes to dry and is kind of a pain in the ass, but it is a pain in the ass that yields baller results. I’m not a meticulous person, but if I was, I would clean up around the nailbed afterward and make it all nice and neat. I’m too lazy for that. If you aren’t a sloth and you do this and make it all neat and spic n’ span, I would love to see! Here is a phone photo of my hoarder goblin sequin manicure. I lost my camera over the weekend, and nobody is more torn up about it than me, man! Maybe garreth snagged it?